No Matter Where You Are in Your Life Today, You Can Always Discover Your Why, With a Strategy and a Action Plan.

Why? Discover Your Why?
Do not look for "What" may happen tomorrow. God will shield you and guide
you to discover "When" His unfailing love will lead you to His promises that will give you the strength to discover "Who" he will direct
you to discover your right of passage!
Why? Discover Your Why?

 "Veterans Are Veterans For Life... It Takes A Nation to Care For You."

Twenty Eighteen = Twelves Months, Fifty-Two Weeks, Three Hundred & Sixty-Five Days and Eight Thousand, Seven Hundred & Sixty Hours to Discover Your Why in 2018. Will You Make Every Second Count? 

WHY?  Dr. Eve Taylor, Radio Personality Executived Producer/Host on Radio One WYCB 1340 AM is on every Monday at 11 a.m. (EST). We are in the six months of 2018, filled with dynamic guests. My focus will always be about the veterans and your family. Dr. Eve uses her faith that never know "where" it is being led, but it is love that is leading her to help you Discover Your Why.  Help me to be a transformer to bring about change that will support and help every veteran who is fighting to receive your earned disability compensation. Join me on 



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